Personal: Starting a new life at 30 years old.


About 6 months before I turned 30, I started making drastic changes to my life.

I had an idea of what I wanted for my life and I was NOT on the path to make that idea a reality.

I owned a house with my boyfriend of almost 5 years. We had two adorable puppies. And we sat on the couch every night watching TV after working all day.

This is the dream for a lot of people. This was not my dream. I was unhappy.

My decision to leave this life behind was a very, very hard one. I didn’t want to hurt someone who invested almost 5 years into this life, as well. I didn’t want to leave my puppies. I didn’t want to change what, according to all accounts, was a good life.

But things needed to change. I needed to start moving toward the life I wanted since I was a kid. I knew what I wanted my 30’s to look like, and the only person who could give me what I wanted from my 30’s was me.

I packed up the Kia Rio, settled my legal business, said good-bye to my sweet pups, and drove to Denver, Colorado.

IMG_1738 2

That was January 11, 2018. Between then and now, I can tell you that so much has changed!

I left my full-time job. I started this blog, a Youtube channel, and really focused on my company, Catveil, where I sell adorable clothing and accessories.

Travel has become a big part of my life. I went to my dream destination, Japan. I have explored Colorado. I have a trip to Austin, Las Vegas, Orlando, and MILAN, ITALY, on the docket.

This has most certainly been a whirlwind year so far, but I hope this inspires those unhappy with their life to make a change. You deserve to be happy. I am, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.


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Wanna hear something wild? I quit my job when I turned thirty and decided to dedicate my life to travel. I wanted to make memories and share my experiences. I document my travel memories, experiences, and tips on my blog!

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