Food: Kerbey Lane Cafe – Austin, TX

Talk about classic Austin restaurants! Kerbey Lane has been a staple of Austin since 1980. Taking the name of the street on which it opened, Kerbey Lane serves great, affordable food at a good price!kerbey-lane-sign-gif.gif

John (@atxfoodguy) and I went to Kerbey Lane. We shared a Kerbey Queso, which is queso with GUACAMOLE in it! If you don’t know how amazing that combo is, you need to know. BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING!


I had the chicken and pancakes! I’m a huge chicken and waffles fan, and you know what? Pancakes are a great substitute for waffles. Not as good or better than waffles, but good!


They put raspberry sauce on top and it is such a great addition.

This used to be one of my favorites when I lived in Austin.

This is a home run for a delicious breakfast. I highly recommend it!

This post is not a sponsored post. I just really like Kerbey Lane Cafe!



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