Happy Hour at Hank’s in Austin is Great for your Wallet and your Instagram

While on my trip to Austin, TX, I had the privilege of spending time with my dear friends, Chris and Elena, at Hank’s.

Chris and Elena at Hank's Austin

It was Happy Hour!

Happy Hour at Hank’s is a good deal! Their happy hour runs from 3 pm-6:30 pm. You can get half-off apps and their frozen drinks/tap cocktails are $5. They also have $5 tap wine and $1 off all beers during happy hour.

We ordered the Baked Ricotta and the Wood Grilled Artichokes.

Artichokes and Dip at Hank's Austin

The Baked Ricotta was delicious. Sadly, the Wood Grilled Artichokes was a little hard to eat. I’ve never had my artichokes grilled. I’ve always had my artichokes boiled and baked, which are much easier to eat. Because of this, I can’t say for sure if the artichokes at Hank’s are tougher to eat than other Wood Grilled Artichokes. Either way, I might make another choice next time. I will say that the caper remoulade was a great partner to the artichokes!

The drinks were a relief from the Austin heat, but they were very sweet. Warning: hangovers imminent.Happy Hour Drink at Hank's Austin

The restaurant is EXTREMELY instagrammable. Is that a word? I see this trend in a lot of new restaurants. I don’t hate it.

Decor Inside Hank's Austin

Overall, I give Hank’s the following scores:
Food: 7/10
Drinks: 7/10
Ambiance: 10/10

I definitely recommend a trip to Hank’s. Go with good company and you’ll have a blast.

If you want to see more of Hank’s, watch my IGTV video by following the link below:

Episode 2: Hank’s – Austin, TX

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