My Favorite Free Las Vegas Strip Hidden Gems

There is so much going on the on the Las Vegas Strip that it is easy to miss a lot of cool (sometimes free) things to see and do!

I find something new and fun every time I’m in Vegas, and I’ve been at least 2 times a year since I was 15 years old. In the video below, I’ll tell you my favorite three of many hidden gems (that are free!) on the Las Vegas Strip! One has a fantastic, quality view of the Strip.



Hi! I’m Kaypee!

Listen, among the lights of the strip are hidden gems that not many people get to see. So today, we’re going to talk a little about my favorites.

Today, we’re starting with what was, at the time of filming, free! Yes, that’s right, a freebie! And it’s a little off the strip about a mile away.

We’re at the Voodoo Lounge at the top of the Rio, drinking a Witch Doctor, which actually steams. It’s crazy! This deliciously dangerous drink is made with dry ice, which gives it the smoking, bubbling effect. Now, sharing is optional but it is recommended, as it has five different types of rum and a type of schnapps.

Now, y’all, I’ve been coming to Vegas for 15 years and I’ve never seen a view of the Strip like this one here. It’s absolutely spellbinding. I highly recommend it. 10 out of 10.

You can see the whole strip! This is a Vegas Hidden Gem!

I can’t get enough of these views. But I will say, “Enough with the Rio! It’s time to go to Caesar Palace Forum Shops for our next hidden gem.

We’re at the Caesar Palace Forum Shops! One of my favorite hidden gems in Las Vegas is here at Caesar’s Forum Shops, The Atlantis Show, which is about to start!


It’s corny. It’s kitschy. It’s outdated. But it’s fun and it is one of my favorite 8 minutes of my trip to Vegas every time. It’s for people who love movies like Thankskilling – and what’s that one where the sheep go on a killing rampage? – horror movies like that. Because it is ridiculous. It’s — It’s great.

Wow! That was intense.

That was crazy! And it was free! How amazing was that?

That was awesome!

I love the Atlantis Show. It’s free, firstly. Secondly, not really that many people here. I don’t know if anybody really knows about it. One of my favorites. Thirdly, it is right next to Fat Tuesday and we’re about to get a drink. [laughter]

Our third and final stop is at St. Mark’s Square in the Venetian Hotel.

Hi! I don’t know why I said hi. [laughter] We are at the Venetian right now and the Venetian has St. Mark’s Square. And in St. Mark’s Square is something that not a lot of people go to see, which is sad because it’s a freebie! It free. Why wouldn’t you go see it? It’s called the Streetmosphere Performance and it happens every hour on the hour, starting at 12 pm. And we’re about to go watch it right now.

Jesters replace the Moving Statue along with dancing stilt walkers and juggling marionettes…and opera singers! It’s really fun. And the talent is crazy. For a free show, it’s nuts.

Oh, um, did I mention this show is free? I just want to make sure you guys know that it’s free. Like… it’s free. The low, low cost of Free .99. Free.

That [expletive] is crazy as [expletive].

Those have been three of my favorite hidden gems on the Las Vegas Strip. I’m Kaypee. This has been Kaypee Does a Thing!

Did I forget anything? Do you agree with the video? Let me know in the comments!



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