Gordon Ramsay’s Burger in Las Vegas is the Ultimate Drunk Eater’s Experience!

Getting drunk often means getting hungry. Luckily, if you are getting drunk in Vegas, there is a burger place that has just what you need to satiate your drunken hunger. Gordon Ramsay’s Burger. I mean, I had a burger with FREAKING PULLED PORK ON TOP! So many meats! So saying it was a good burger is really an understatement. Obligatory meat joke: Gordon Ramsay knows how to handle his meat. It might have been good because I was drunk or it might have been good because it is just good. I’m going with the latter.

If you want to see the burger for yourself, check out the video below!



Vegas Baby!
[Voice in Background] Whoo!

Alright. Let’s all be honest here. Gordon Ramsay can stop lording over me, alright? His burger is great. His burger is great. But you don’t have to watch me eat it.

That picture says, “I know it is great and if you don’t like it, you can get out.”

Get out!

“I don’t want your business.”

I really appreciate what he’s doing here. He’s a good – he knows his uh – ingredients? Oh gosh, I need a minute. [laughter]

Have a kettle chip and then I’m going to film you.

Oh my gosh. Hold on. It’s just too big of a chunk.

Before we’re young, babe. Okay? I mean, before we’re old. That’s what I meant.

While we’re young.

Before we’re old. [laughter]

[Talking about the burger] It’s got bacon. It has pulled pork on the top of it!

[burp] Oh wow! [laughter] These pickles are sweet and sour. They’re delicious.

I’m probably going to have another bite.

Oh, I’m good on drinks. Thank you.

You can get out!



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