Food: The Weirdest Drink on the Las Vegas Strip!

This is something I’ve really had to think about. It’s just so hard to describe what I had at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan. It was a drink with a garnish that changed the whole taste. Sure, one could say a margarita has a garnish that changes its taste, the salt on the rim adding a little something extra. But the garnish on this drink, called the Verbena, will make you reconsider the importance of a garnish. It can be more than just a pretty accompaniment.

The flower that garnishes the Verbena activates your salivary glands. It makes your mouth tingle and allows you to taste the sweetness of the drink while adding other flavors. It is something you have to experience to understand fully, I think.

Watch the video below to see more about this interesting, weird drink on the Vegas Strip.



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