The Best Biscuits and Gravy in Orlando… and the WORLD!

Do y’all like biscuits and gravy?

Because I LOVE biscuits and gravy! It is one of my favorite breakfast meals. Something about a fluffy biscuit smothered in sausage gravy goodness gets my morning started right.

That being said, I have had A LOT of biscuits and gravy in my life. And I’ve had the best biscuits and gravy in my life at Se7en Bites on Orlando, FL. I honestly think it is the thyme in the gravy that puts the dish over the top, but it could really be that it’s a symphony of savory flavor.

Biscuits and Gravy Se7en bites

The owner and chef had a procedure that limited her food intake to seven bites, so her food philosophy has since been that “if 7 bites are all you get, they better be the best damn 7 bites ever!”

Fill your pie hole mural

A great restaurant in Flavor Town.

I mean, I’m not sure how much clout his opinion has, because the man has been to every restaurant everywhere always, but Guy Fieri loves Se7en Bites!

I’ve heard their Chicken Pot Pie is a show stopper, too! I haven’t had it, but my friends RAVE about it. It is only available on Thursday & Friday, though. If you want to try it, plan for those days and get there early.

Seek to be someone worth knowing not well known

Not only do they have great food at Se7en Bites, but they also have one of my favorite mural spots in Orlando! It’s a great Instagram opportunity and it gives you something to do while you wait since sometimes there is one!

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