Sights: Denver Museum of Nature and Science – Denver, CO

I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this, but I have a fascination with museums. Maybe it is the taxidermy, the artistry of dioramas, or the rotating exhibits, but I really enjoy spending the day at a museum.


The Denver Museum of Nature and Science isn’t the biggest museum I’ve ever been in, but it was entertaining! I got there around 11 am, even though it opened at 9 am, and, before I knew it, it was closing time at 5 pm. For $17 (at the time of writing this on 11/27/18), it is a day’s worth of activities.


I went alone, but I saw a lot of people there with children, all of which looked like they were having a blast. This place would be great for fans of history, and fun for families. BUT even if it is just you, you will probably make friends, as the people of Denver are the most friendly people I’ve ever met.

A few of the permanent exhibits include gems & minerals, Egyptian mummies, dinosaur bones, and dioramas of animals in the wild.

My favorite thing, by far, was this round blank globe that, with the help of four projectors, looked like any planet for which the museum has photos. It was like I was actually looking at Mars in the middle of the room. A volunteer at the exhibit can turn the globe so you can see as much of the planet as you want! It was nuts.


I wouldn’t say the museum is a must-see of first-time visitors of the area, but I would say that someone who has been to Denver before or someone who lives in Denver would have a great time learning, exploring, and engaging in the exhibits at the museum!



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