Food: The Cooper Lounge – Denver, CO

Located on the second floor of Union Station in Denver, The Cooper Lounge is a 1940’s-esque high-end cocktail lounge.


It opens at 4pm and reservations are highly recommended, but Max and I went right when they opened. We got sat at the bar right away, but things filled up quickly.


Aperitif Hour was from 4-6:30 pm, when they serve select drinks for $9, but we ordered off of the regular drink menu.


Max had an Old Fashioned and I had an El Diablo. They were both each served on a silver platter with a some nuts. This was a nice touch, if you ask me. I felt fancy AF! And the drinks were very good!

DSC_0179      DSC_0183

It was wonderful getting there as early as we did, because the sunset made the bar a beautiful golden hue, which added to the beauty of a 100+ yr old building!


Max and I ordered some light bites from the menu. We had Tuna Tartare, which was delicious.


One con we had is that our experience felt cold. The lounge was missing that human warmth that would have taken the whole thing over the top.  I felt like, because it was busy, that we were being cranked out. It’s understandable, but it wasn’t desirable.

Overall, it was a really good experience. The drinks and view are worth the cash and it is a great place to bring a date or friends from out of town, if you’re a local, or stop by to see the views, if you’re visiting!


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