5 Valentine’s Gifts Anyone will Love!

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Find the perfect gift for your partner, no matter how they define themselves.

We all know the drill. We turn to google to find the perfect Valentine’s gifts for our significant others, only to find suggestions that just don’t fit the bill for our partner, even if they are “for her” or “for him”. As a “for her”, I’ve seen some of the gifts that are supposed to be “for me” and I can tell you right now, I don’t want any of it. And what about those people that prefer to identify as “they” or “them”? Those gifts for people who do not prescribe to societal notions of gender. I have yet to see a list of the perfect gifts for them.

So I sat down and found some great Valentine’s gifts for any partner, no matter how they present themselves. Because not every woman wants jewelry, not every man likes to grill, and not every person wants to concede to what society says we should want.

Here are 5 Valentine’s gifts anyone will love:

1. This camera that provides instant gratification.
Instax Instant Camera Selfie
This Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera is such a blast to use! And the pictures can be hung up around your partner’s place or put into a frame. I’ve linked the bundle, because not only is it the best value, but if you give them the film too, they can start using the camera right away. And they’ll want to use it right away. Trust me.

2. This spicy chocolate for your spicy boo thing!
Tabasco Chocolate
This little tin of 8 dark chocolate wedges packs a punch. The Tabasco Spicy Chocolate has the patented Tabasco blend of spices mixed in that will give your partner’s tongue a tingle! If your partner likes to spice it up, this is the gift for them. Next to the Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce, this is my favorite Tabasco product. Pair the two if your partner really likes to heat things up.

3. A magical mist that will give your partner sweet dreams.
Pillow Mist
When Max and I went to the spa at the Aria, they gave us a pillow mist to help us sleep later that evening. We used it every night until it ran out. I think it works because of the routine. When your body smells that familiar smell, it knows it’s time for sleep. Your partner will be lulled to sleeping bliss with the pillow mist I linked, even though it is different than the one pictured because sweet dreams are made of the Relax Lavender Pillow Mist.

4. This book of really entertaining random facts for your bookworm.
Random Illustrated Facts Book

Random Illustrated Facts by Mike Lowery is extremely fun to read! Max can’t put it down. The illustrations are funny, too. Your partner will love telling you random facts they learned from this book, and I know you’ll love hearing them!

5. A stylishly embossed leather keychain your partner can keep their keys on.
There is just something about fine leather goods that says “you mean a lot to me,” unless your partner is vegan, then say that with this stylish keychain instead. Either way, this is a gift that can easily be made extra thoughtful by adding a key to your place to it. The one pictured above is from Freehand Goods. Freehand Goods has some great candles, too. FYI.

So there it is. My picks for the 5 BEST and GREATEST Valentine’s gifts for anybody. Okay, maybe calling them the best or the greatest is a little subjective, but who cares? I loved receiving and giving them all and they bring joy into my life, like that lady on Tidying Up said they should. At the very least, these 5 gifts should get you started on (or finish) your hunt for the ideal gift for that someone special in your life, no matter how they identify themselves!


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