Stop making excuses and work out at FIT36!

Well, it has happened. We have made it into February. One month of the year has passed and there is still time to keep up all of our New Year’s Resolutions. I know a few of us made the resolution to be healthier, to get or be fit. It is always my goal to be as fit as possible, but, if you’re anything like me, there are a ton of reasons to put off working out. Let’s talk about some of those reasons and how each of them was demolished last week when I went to a FIT-Fluence event put together by a fave blogger babe, Bre, from Bites with Bre.


“I don’t have time to work out.”

Enter FIT36, a serious workout in 36 minutes. It utilizes High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) to be efficient and effective in fat loss, muscle gain, and general wellness. The workout consists of twelve stations of dynamic movement workouts that are centered around strength and cardio. You spend one minute at each station with 30-second breaks in between each station. Once you’ve done each station 2 times, you’re done!

That’s it. 36 minutes of sweat and glory and you can go on with your day! In the time you could watch an episode of Friends, you can be making good on your resolution to be healthy and fit. And we haven’t even got to my favorite part.

Get in get after it go live life

“I can’t see my results.”

The FIT36 in Denver Highlands invited me to try Styku. Styku is a revolutionary fitness technology originally developed by NASA scientists. It scans your whole body and gives you a readout that can be tailored to your fitness goals. You stand on a spinning platform and the machine reads your measurements, takes your weight, and calculates your body fat percentage. It can even give you a date of when you’ll achieve your fitness goal depending on how many times you work out and how many calories you consume. If you continue to work out, you can actually see your progress through the scans over time! It’s freaking awesome!

Styku scanStyku Scan Readout

Shoutout to the owner, Sheryl, and the staff for being so kind and genuine. Their friendly demeanor is why I already know that it will be hard for me to stay away from classes, even though my butt was handed to me in my last class.

Rope Workout Fit36

Serious workout inspo

“I’m always so sore afterward.”

It was a workout and a half. I could almost feel the fat melting away and I felt sore the next day. But I think my recovery would have been worse if I hadn’t had the protein donuts from My Vision Nutrition (a meal prep restaurant with a rotating weekly menu) and the B12 shot from Onus IV Hydration. Have y’all ever had protein donuts? It’s like an angel decided to get into baking and has blessed us with round nuggets of heaven. I also had never received a B12 shot before and I’m kicking myself in the butt now for never having one. I felt like I was on Cloud 9.

And speaking of Sheryl… she gave me a Blueberry + Lemon flavored Patter Bar, which is a 100% whole food energy bar based in Denver. Hot dang, it was so tasty. That bar, combined with the tablespoon of Bjorn’s Royal Jelly Honey I had with it really helped my soreness the next day. If you follow my IG stories, y’all already know how I live and breath Bjorn honey for every ailment.

Post Workout essentials

Post Workout Essentials: Patter Bar, Bjorn’s Honey, Water.

I’m now armed with some serious knowledge on what to eat to combat soreness

“My schedule is too hectic to sign up for classes.”

The whole experience from top to bottom made me feel wonderful, healthy, fit, and fabulous. But I did get sad for a moment when I realized that it will be hard for me to get into classes with my traveling schedule. As if the universe heard my thoughts, a rep from the app, MINDBODY, walked over to me and told me about it. Listen to this: you book classes when you want to take them and pay for them right then and there in the app when you’re ready to go. No contracts, just workouts!

Wall Plank FIT36

Strong cores… NBD

No more excuses.

Basically, they’ve taken any excuse I’d have to not work out and tossed it in the trash next to a few of my exes and my memories of last Friday night. And I’m not even mad about it because, as the wall of the FIT36 studio said, “Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it!” I love my body and I want to make it stronger (for the apocalypse, but that’s a topic for another blog post).

Sheryl at FIT36 and Kaypee High Five




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