About Me

Kaypee eats cotton candy in Japan

It’s crazy where life leads you!

Before we get into that, you should probably at least know my name! I’m Kaypee!

I was cyber-stalked/IRL stalked for most of my adult life and I was scared to leave what I thought of as comfortable. Because I was afraid and because I’ve always done what was expected of me, I lived a life that I didn’t want. I lived it for a long time.

…until I was almost 30…

Kaypee on her 30th birthday

That’s when I decided to make a change. From the outside, my life was amazing. Inside, I was unhappy. So I started transitioning from that life to this life. I looked at what I didn’t want for myself and what I did want and I course-corrected. I left my significant other of five years, my house in Austin, and my darling puppies to move to Denver and pursue a life of travel in an effort to discover who I am.

It isn’t easy to drastically change your life.

And I don’t recommend it for everyone. What I do recommend is doing what you want to the level of comfort you want, making any changes necessary to achieve your dreams.

I used to look at luxury travel blogs and think, “I want to live this life, but I most definitely cannot afford it.” Then I would look at budget travel blogs and think, “I want to live this life, but what’s the fun in having to hold back?”

Either way, I knew I wanted what those people had: a chance to find out who I was by immersing myself in different situations, environments, and cultures.

Kaypee instagram picture of girl on mountains

What that means for this blog is that I want to show you all that:

  1. This life is too short to let anyone else decide who you want to be or are going to be from this point forward.
  2. We can all figure ourselves out and discover who we are. Whether we do that by exploring new places (which is basically everywhere for me, including whatever is at the end of my block), making mistakes, or just doing something that we want to do.
  3. Travel doesn’t have to be “luxury” or “budget”. You can travel, and make the most out of your trip, without quitting your job or leaving yourself vulnerable.

I want to give you tips and tricks that I learn that makes traveling, or life in general, easier. I want to share with you how I’m experiencing and learning from real life. Most importantly, I want you to find out who you are, and do it on purpose!

Since I’ve already started learning so much about myself by starting this blog, here are some things I’ve found out that I love: Disney, strawberry shortcake, sleeping on a plane (it’s like time travel!), coming home, morning snuggles to start my day, community, my ADHD, and sparkling water.

scared of heights kaypee

You can keep up with me and all of my fun adventures by adding me on Instagram: @kaypeedoesathing. You can also add the Kaypee Does a Thing! page on Facebook! Lastly, Kaypee Does a Thing! is on YouTube, too!


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